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5 reasons to visit CNR Book Fair!

A Japanese proverb says "Books are medicine for the soul”.

Just like our body, our soul also needs nourishing. Book fairs are the most magnificent places creating this atmosphere. Therefore, they never lose their glamour and always draw great attention.

5 reasons for both readers and authors to participate in book fairs are:

1. You can find the most suitable book for your soul and the familiar scent of a newly published book surrounds yourself and drags you into different dreams.

2. You can have easy access to books with various subjects of many publishing houses on the same platform.

3. As a reader, you can have a chance to get in touch with authors directly at book fairs where you can also participate in conversations and broaden your perspective. 

4. Book fairs that open new markets for publishers create great opportunities for you, as an author, to explain your book to readers and introduce your author identity. The chance to receive direct feedback from readers is the best luck authors will have in these organizations.

5. The close distance to transportation vehicles and the central location of Istanbul Expo Center where CNR Book Fair is organized is an excellent opportunity to reach books in your favorite genres!